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About…Tainan City, Taiwan-The Ten Drum Art Percussion Group
Nominated for Domestic and International Golden Melody Awards, Grammy Awards, and American Independent Awards
  Over thousands of years, the ocean island of "Formosa" gave birth to a wealth of natural resources, diverse arts, and humanities.  As a result of this environment, the " Ten Drum " artists were created and they not only have then been active in Taiwan but also they have converged with the world drumming culture.
Ten Drum Art Percussion Group was established in the spring of 2000 and "To share Taiwanese local culture and carry forward the drumming art heritage." is the group’s main development goals. The word "ten" represents a pair of crossed drumsticks that bring together energy and gather together the strength of unity.
Over the years, the group’s musical works have been loved by the audiences because of the artistic themes of land, scenery, and diverse ethnic percussion elements along with the rich traditional appearances helps to make the "drum" so diverse and exciting!  In addition, the Ten Drum Art Percussion Group also has the following objectives:  Native percussion styles, popular national drum techniques, local education, diverse ideas, educational enlightenment, invite world cultures, and promoting the art of drumming.
Since Taiwan was colonized for much of its history so it does not really have its own drumming techniques.  Outside drumming influences are many, but there is a lack of unique local spirit. The  Ten Drum Percussion Group leader felt that Taiwan's thousands of years of drum technique did have not have its own roots, so the leader decided to commit to creating a truly unique Taiwanese drum music for the future of the Taiwan art culture.  Therefore most of the groups drum music reflects the history, scenery, and other local cultural themes so that the drum art culture of Taiwan can continue forever.

The concept of "Ten Drums" is used to develop the city culture and style strengths.  During 2007 in Ren-De Township, Tainan County, "Ten Drum Culture Village" was established to further the goal of developing efforts to create "Asia's Drumming Platform" and create local percussion art.  It is hoped that this will inspire people be interested in the importance of traditional drumming and further understand the attempt to create a lively, diverse, both local and forward-looking drum technique cultural style in Taiwan and also develop Taiwan became world famous as the “Drumming Island”.
Important Achievements:
September 2014 Ten Drum movie "Good Luck Boy!” selected to become the continent's first 23th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival Taiwan Film Festival screenings film unit
2014年07--08月受邀至英國 愛丁堡藝穗節巡演(首度參與2014愛丁堡藝穗節 臺灣季演出榮獲5星級評價)Impression of Taiwan (十鼓),★★★★★ 9.75/10 Dark Chat (9分以上相當於5顆星)評價!
July-August 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Tour ( for the first time to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Taiwan 2014 show season won the 5 star rating ) for “Impression of Taiwan” ( Ten Drum ), ★★★★★ 9.75 / 10 Dark Chat (9 points more than the equivalent of 5 stars) rating!
2014年07月十鼓電影〝加油!男孩〞入圍2014韓國堤川國際音樂電影節(JIMFF) 最佳影片
July 2014 Ten Drum movie  "Good Luck Boy!” 2014 finalists Korea Jecheon International Music Film Festival (JIMFF) Best Picture
June 2014 Ten Drum movie  "Good Luck Boy!” elected Vancouver Taiwanese Film Festival premiere piece
May 2014 Ten Drum movie "Good Luck Boy!” is selected as the Cannes Film Festival in France play sheet
In March 2014 the Taipei City Government “Culture in the Alley” - Community Arts Festival Opening Ceremony
February 2014 Taiwan Lantern Festival opening ceremony.
November 2013 won the Asian Culture Promotion Union " Asian Art Treasure," a representative  team to Taiwan at Chiang Mai, Thailand participating in an international awards ceremony of the annual meeting,
2013年09月受邀至韓國2013 韓國平澤農藝術節
September 2013 Korea Art Festival
2013年09月受邀至南非2013 南非藝術節
September 2013 South Africa Art Festival
2013年3月受邀至法國2013 第3屆新東向亞洲藝術節演出
March 2013 France 3rd New East Asian Arts Festival
January 2013 France Paris 21th District City Dance Festival.
2012 23th Golden Melody Awards finalist,  < Best Folk Music Album Award > ~ Mysterious Orient
August 2012 Korea World Percussion Festival
March 2012 France Paris Theatre Museum Tour
2012年2月受Maison du savoir之邀至法國土魯斯「MADE IN ASIA」藝術節巡演
February 2012 Maison du savoir Toulouse  MADE IN ASIA " Festival
November 2011 Tourism Bureau in Hong Kong Office , " 2011 Taiwan Farm & United States - the influx of hot springs, food, night market ," event performance.
October 2011 by the Tourism Bureau of Yunnan, China " China International Tourism Fair " show
September 2011 Johannesburg, South Africa International Festival , Cape Town International Centennial Concert
2011年7月舉辦「Let’s Go! 鼓找冰夏日藝術節」
July 2011 organized the " Let's Go! Drumming to Find Ice Summer Arts Festival”
2011年6月與法國境內最大世界音樂發行公司-Buda Music合作,於歐洲發行十鼓Taiwan pulsation CD+DVD
June 2011 In cooperation with the French territory’s largest music publishing company  “Buda Music”, issued Ten Drum’s  “Taiwan Pulsation” CD + DVD in Europe
February 2011 organized the 2011 Ten Drum Festival
November 2010 was invited by the United States PAS percussion Art Association , to Indiana to participate in " American PAS annual meeting of world percussion”.
2009 “Drumming Island” ] album nominated 9th Independent Music Awards American < Best Traditional World Music Album >.